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You want to be able to reach for your much-loved jewelry ten, twenty, fifty years from now – even longer. And you will. We can guarantee our jewelry is free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the jewelry. We will replace or repair any purchase found to be defective at no cost to you. This guarantee does not include normal wear and tear.


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If you’re not happy with the jewelry you’ve selected or received as a gift you can return no questions asked. Merchandise in original condition may be returned for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase with original receipt, unless marked otherwise. Any merchandise ordered, custom made, or altered at the customer's request is not returnable.


Lifetime Diamond trade back



Love grows over time and your diamond can too! When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll give you full retail credit toward another diamond of greater value.  This offer excludes Lab Grown Diamonds.  


Engagement Ring Key Terms to Know


Engagement Ring Key Terms to Know

With endless options of collections and styles, discovering your partner's ideal engagement ring can quickly become a daunting task. Deciding between channel-set and pavé, or solitaire and halo, what does it all mean? While the unique terminology may come as a foreign language, we are here to help you on your journey.

Center Stone: The main attraction, the largest stone amongst others adorning the ring. Set in the center of every engagement ring, you’ll find the center stone, most commonly a diamond. 

Diamond Cuts: Cuts refer to the technical shape of the diamond. The round cut diamond is most common for those seeking optimal brilliance, while the more unique shapes like emerald, oval, pear, cushion cut, and princess cut are often used to highlight a specific look and can be called “fancy shapes” as another term to know. Each diamond cut, just as beautiful as the next, offers its own set of charming characteristics.

Side Stones/Accent Stones: Side stones, also called accent stones interchangeably, are any diamonds on the engagement ring besides the center stone. However, they are typically smaller precious stones set to accentuate the central diamond. Side stones can be placed along the shank, creating intricate patterns or side-by-side forming a line leading straight to the center stone.

Engagement Ring Setting/Mounting: The entire ring itself is referenced as the setting or mounting. Not to be confused with diamond settings, the ring setting houses the body of the ring and the center stone. Styles range from solitaire to three stone, and halo rings.

Diamond Settings: In relation to the side stones, diamond settings are what hold the precious stones in place. These include bezel settings, pavé, channel, and prong. Diamonds can be set in varying ways to create unique detailing. 

Head: Also known as the crown, the head is the part of the setting where the prongs hold the center stone. If the head includes additional design motifs with more metal, this element can be referred to as the basket, which improves stability.

Halo: A halo encircles the center stone with smaller diamonds or gemstones. The design offers additional brilliance and the illusion of a larger carat weight. Similarly, a new trending style is called a hidden halo or under halo, where the accent stones are placed below the center stone to create a sparkling side profile for the engagement ring.

Shank: The band that wraps around your finger, is known as the shank. The shank ensures the ring will sit perfectly on the finger without spinning. More design options are available like split shanks, intertwined shanks, or multi-band rings. A great customizable option would be to include a loving inscription on the inner side of the shank. 

Shoulder: Aptly named, the shoulder refers to the upper two portions of the ring connecting the center stone, or as we learned earlier—the head to the shank. The shoulder can feature intricate metalwork to accommodate different styles like straight, split, twisted, tapered or augmented. 

Gallery: Right below the center stone, there is often an open space above the bridge called the gallery. This space can be seen from the side profile of the ring and can be decorated with filigree designs and intricate scrollwork or left open for a minimalist look.

Bridge: The bridge can be found under the gallery, as a band connected to the shank, meeting at the shoulders. The band can include accent stones, milgrain beading, or be simply left unadorned.

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