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Engagement Ring Styles

The engagement ring is no simple trinket. It belongs to a category of jewelry that requires artistry, vision and craftsmanship to make something that will ideally represent a promise of love and commitment forever. Here at Corinne Jewelers, we’re pleased to offer couples designer engagement rings from the top brands in the industry. Our decades of experience with the treasure that is bridal jewelry have given us a unique perspective on the common styles that decorate our showcases, and we’re always ready to show off those engagement ring styles to those who want to learn more about the jewelry.



When we talk about “classic” engagement rings, we’re not necessarily talking about engagement rings from a particular period of time. On the contrary, the classic engagement ring is one that’s timeless. It blends together popular features in such a way that they generally appeal to every woman in some way. This style tends to feature round-cut diamond center stones and prong settings, since those are traditionally popular elements. Plus, if you want a yellow gold ring, classic styles tend to boast that style the most frequently. Often, classic engagement rings will feature a row of side stones along the shank, giving them an added twinkle that doesn’t date a ring substantially.



On the other hand, the alternative engagement ring is one that consciously tries to sidestep any question of timelessness in favor of total personalization. What does that mean? Alternative rings abandon the “set path” in favor of something that speaks to a woman’s uniqueness. For example, rather than a traditional engagement ring, some women enjoy stacking smaller rings, or using fashion rings as their engagement fashion. You can also commission something truly unusual if your jeweler does custom jewelry design! For example, many boho women enjoy using non-gold metals and stones not often seen (such as uncut gems) in their rings.



Vintage engagement rings refer to an engagement ring style inspired by trends that were popular from the Edwardian era to the late Art Deco era. The materials and trends that characterized these periods aren’t necessarily universal, which means that they may be unpopular or rare among contemporary pieces. However, many popular designers appreciate the unique, baroque styles of previous eras and embrace them in their designs. Milgrain beading, natural themes, and colorful gemstones characterize Art Nouveau styles; architectural boldness, clean lines, and a “horror vacui” approach to diamonds in the ring. Emerald-cut and Asscher-cut diamonds were extremely popular during these periods, and they inherently evoke vintage eras.



Modernity has many different features that characterize the style. In engagement rings, a modern look is one that utilizes materials and approaches that would have been difficult, unwanted, or impossible before the 1980s. Two-tone rings that blend different shades of gold, for example, is a very modern look. You can also find twisted or split shanks, as well as bold settings for stones among modern designs. Channel and tension settings weren’t possibilities for vintage designers, and oval- and princess-cut diamonds hadn’t been invented yet. When you see a piece that blends these categories, it unmistakably speaks to the cutting-edge aesthetics dominating modern engagement rings.


If you’d like to learn more about engagement ring settings, especially those we showcase here at Corinne Jewelers, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Toms River, New Jersey showroom at (732) 244-4664!

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