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Love grows over time and your diamond can too! When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll give you full retail credit toward another diamond of greater value.  This offer excludes Lab Grown Diamonds.  


4 Classic Engagement Ring Designs Will Never Go Out of Style

With so many engagement rings available, knowing which one to choose for your partner can be a very frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming process. Read this guide to learn more about some of the most popular styles available today!

4 Classic Engagement Ring Designs Will Never Go Out of Style

It’s one of the traditions of engagements that a groom-to-be picks out a surprise engagement ring to pop the question. If you’ve chosen to go this route, you may be stymied by the fact that you’re not sure what kind of engagement ring to get for her. There are so many options on the table that it can be paralyzing to browse them all.

However, here at Corinne Jewelers, we have such a passion for the craft of jewelry-making that we adore helping potential customers find the right pieces for them. Today, we’re going to examine different styles and designs that go into diamond engagement rings. Hopefully, at the end of this, you’ll find the right piece with which to pop the question!

Halo Rings

Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring style is typified by a disc of precious metal framing a center stone. The disc is studded with smaller jewels that orbit the center stone. The effect of the halo is that it adds pop to the center stone, creating the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is. This style of ring is ideal for the woman who really wants a piece of jewelry that pops. Choosing a halo style ring may also be ideal for a woman who wants the look of a larger center stone without shelling out the money to match.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire is a relatively self-descriptive term. It just means that a “solitary” diamond is being shown off on this type of engagement ring. In the 2010s, the embrace of minimalism and the aesthetic of simplicity means that the solitaire engagement ring became held up as an ideal. It can’t be overstated how popular this elegant look is, seeing as this ring has never really gone out of style. Pick a solitaire ring if your lady prefers minimalist beauty and an emphasis being placed on the stand-alone gracefulness of her center stone.

Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Engagement Ring

There’s a symbolic quality to a three stone engagement ring. On the surface, a three stone ring is pretty straightforward, since it literally just refers to two medium-sized stones that frame a center stone. But the three stones can refer to any of the important triplicities in a woman’s life: Past, present, future; wife, husband, marriage; et cetera. Also, there’s no reason why the two side stones must just be diamond. Here at Corinne Jewelers, we showcase plenty of gorgeous three stone rings with sapphires!

Side Stone Rings

Side Stone Engagement Ring

And if your lady loves color, she may adore the side stone engagement ring, since many designers are more comfortable with using colored diamonds and gemstones in the shank of the ring. Two of our favorite jewels—pink and yellow diamonds—are frequently used in the side stone rings we offer. But of course, the “side stone” pattern is incredibly broad, going past merely showcasing color and into whimsical styles of prongs, pave settings, and ultramodern channels that show off the different ways jewels can be placed into a ring.

Find the Perfect Ring at Corinne Jewelers

Here at Corinne Jewelers, we make engagement rings a priority, and we’re always ready to show off the designer collections we carry at our showroom. If you’d like to find out more about bridal jewelry, contact us at (732)244-4664 or visit us at our Toms River, New Jersey showroom today!

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