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You want to be able to reach for your much-loved jewelry ten, twenty, fifty years from now – even longer. And you will. We can guarantee our jewelry is free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the jewelry. We will replace or repair any purchase found to be defective at no cost to you. This guarantee does not include normal wear and tear.


100% money back guarantee



If you’re not happy with the jewelry you’ve selected or received as a gift you can return no questions asked. Merchandise in original condition may be returned for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase with original receipt, unless marked otherwise. Any merchandise ordered, custom made, or altered at the customer's request is not returnable.


Lifetime Diamond trade back



Love grows over time and your diamond can too! When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll give you full retail credit toward another diamond of greater value.  This offer excludes Lab Grown Diamonds.  


6 Tips to Saving Money on Your Engagement Ring

Saving big on your engagement ring without compromising on quality and comfort is completely possible with these expert-vetted shopping tips.

For most of us, budgeting for an engagement ring is a necessity. Luckily, there are proven ways to stretch your dollar when shopping for the ring of your partner’s dreams. Gone are the days when you were pressured to spend three month’s salary. Nowadays, you can find an exquisite engagement ring at any price point without sacrificing style or comfort. If you want to save big on your engagement ring, check out our expert money-saving hacks.

1. Size Matters

Don't feel pressured to buy that one carat ring if your budget doesn't allow it. Instead, you can sacrifice slightly on the size of your diamond to save a few hundred dollars. A 0.9 carat diamond looks nearly identical to a 1 carat diamond on a side-by-side comparison. And let's face it, that's unlikely to ever happen. Shopping for a diamond right below your desired carat weight can be a smart way to get the style you want for less.

2. Go Solo

Engagement rings with a center stone, halo, and side stones can look positively glamorous but that's not in everyone's budget. If you can forgo on the accent stones, you can, instead, invest in an incredible solitaire engagement ring with a single center stone. Accent stones can require additional care and maintenance and can be expensive to replace if they come loose. Why not use that money to get the exact carat size, color, and clarity you want that looks just as elegant and captivating.

3. Finite Flaws

When it comes to clarity (one of the 4 C’s) it's basically impossible to tell with the naked eye between a flawless diamond and one very slightly included. The latter includes microscopic inclusions, which are the internal flaws of a diamond. In the real world, however, these minute differences are only visible under a high-powered microscope or jeweler's loupe. If possible, stick with diamonds that are very slightly included (VS1, VS2) for the utmost clarity at an affordable price. Even slightly included (SI1, SI2, and SI3) can be dazzling in their own right.

4. Near Colorless

While we're on the subject of the 4 C's, the more translucent and clear a diamond is, the more expensive it can be. As we approach the other end of the color spectrum, the diamonds can take on a yellow and brown appearance. If colorless diamonds are what you seek, you can get a great sparkle from near colorless diamonds (G, H, I, J). When you view the diamonds in person, you can make your own judgment call based on what colors are perceptible—it’s likely they will look colorless to the naked eye.

5. Avoid the Status Quo

Round cut diamonds are the most popular stone shape and for good reason. They emit a luminous sparkle with dozens of facets. However, their popularity can drive up the price. It's basic demand and supply economics. In addition, the cutting process takes out much of the rough diamond, which prompts suppliers to increase their price per carat. Instead, choose from a wide range of unique diamond cuts (ones that aren’t popular at the moment, of course). Read up on the latest trends to pick “off-season” shapes to save big.

6. Shop Local for Big Savings

Buying from a chain jeweler is essentially throwing your money away. Chains are a convenient and well-known choice for those in the market for a ring, but local jewelers want to help you find a ring within your budget. Look for jewelers with years or decades of experience and consider their warranties and financing options available. Best of all, shopping local gives you world-class customer service for less than the other guys.

Corinne Jewelers has been Ocean County, New Jersey's most trusted luxury jeweler since 1964. For over 50 years, we've helped thousands of couples find engagement rings that can fit their needs and budget. Shop local with us and rest assured you can take advantage of our ironclad guarantee:

Lifetime craftsmanship guarantee: Free from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

100% money-back guarantee: Get a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase for risk-free shopping.

Lifetime diamond tradeback: We're here for you when you need an upgrade and will give you full retail credit towards a new diamond.

0% financing available: Making engagement rings accessible for everyone

Free rhodium plating and complimentary ring sizing: Keep your ring looking as radiant as when you first bought it.

Lifetime clean, polish, and appraisals: Let our expert jewelers keep your ring pristine for the long run.

Shop Corinne Jewelers for the finest luxury engagement rings from world-class designers including Fana, Gabriel & Co, Just Perfect, Simon G, and Noam Carver. Contact us at 732-244-4664 to find out more about our products or services.

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