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Bring Your Jewelry Collection Back to Life with This Surprising Summer Trend

Mismatched earrings sound like an fashion disaster waiting to happen, but with a few tips in mind, you can give new life to your earring collection by mixing and matching your pieces to your heart’s desire. Read on for three tips to rock mismatched earrings with style.

Bring Your Jewelry Collection Back to Life with This Surprising Summer Trend

This summer heatwave has got us dying for change. With the fresh designs of this summer far behind us and a long way to go before the excitement of new autumn trends, your favorite team of experts at Corinne Jewelers has been hard at work finding ways to make the old, tired pieces we’ve already worn halfway to death feel brand new again.

Mismatched earrings, while uncommon, are far from a novel way of switching it up - several celebs on the scene have already delved deep into the concept, two notable examples being Issa Rae and Meghan Markle. We’re hardly ones to question genius when it presents itself to us. The practice is coming back in a big way.

Asymmetry? Yes. Audacious, one-of-a-kind looks? One thousand times yes. We are all in on this one.

Keep it Coordinated

While the idea is to break the mold and put together a look that stands out from the rest, you definitely want to put some thought into the two pieces you marry. Find one common theme between the two – the type of metal, the aesthetic theme, perhaps even the designer. This will ensure your new pair of mismatched earrings comes together and doesn’t feel thoughtless.

Play with Contrasting Colors and Styles

Alternatively, you definitely don’t want to put together a pair that is too similar in appearance – the look will feel uncanny and uninspired, not avant-garde and exciting, which, in our opinion, should always be the goal in matters like these.

Hoop Earrings at Corinne Jewelers

Two hoop earrings identical in every way save for size and gauge, for example, will come together to create a haphazard look that feels sloppy, and less than deliberate. Make strong statements with the looks you create, like this Simon G and Officina Bernardi combination.

Make Bold Choices

This one has more to do with the individual pieces utilized than the match made itself – the ultimate way to put your own creative spin on this trend is to choose earrings that really speak to your own individual style.

Madison L and Officina Bernardi Earrings at Corinne Jewelers

Selecting one strong statement piece and pairing it with something a bit more demure is a great way to get some use out of the more audacious pieces in your collection while still keeping the look classy and dignified. For inspiration, take a look at these pieces by Madison L and Officina Bernardi.

Ultimately, you’ve just got to listen to that little voice that tells you when the combination is working and when it isn’t. Nobody can tell you how to do this. Find pieces that speak to you, that make you feel most at home in your overall ensemble.

Still Looking for the Perfect Duo?

Fear not – Corinne Jewelers has got the styles you seek. If you’re looking to refresh your collection and capitalize on this intriguing new trend, we’ve got over nine hundred pairs to choose from, ready and waiting to be mixed and matched for your next summer soiree.

We offer a fully-inclusive price-match guarantee and lifetime cleaning, polishing, and repair services. If you’re in Toms River or the greater tri-county area, stop by today. If not, check out our online catalogue. You’ll be glad you did.

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