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​Guide to Halo Style Engagement Rings

Featuring Simon G., and more, discover the wide world of halo style designer engagement rings available today at Corinne Jewelers!

With winter on its way out and spring just around the corner, now is the time that people’s thoughts turn to love, commitment, and popping one big question. If you’re one of those people who are ready take the next step and ask your special someone to marry you, then  Corinne Jewelers is here to help. Sure to have the name brand designer engagement ring perfect for any bride-to-be, Corinne Jewelers is our source for an amazing array of designer engagement ring styles, types, settings, and diamond shapes.

One of the most popular engagement rings on display today in Corinne Jewelers’ Toms River, New Jersey, showroom, are big, bright, and beautiful halo style diamond engagement rings. Featuring a row (or rows) of sparkling small-sized diamonds that surrounding a brilliant center diamond stone, halo engagement rings can be found featuring a variety of diamond shapes, sizes, and are unique in their elegant, sophisticated, and distinctive vintage charm. 

Always ready to assist their beloved New Jersey area customers, the engagement rings experts at Corinne Jewelers have put together this helpful halo engagement ring buying guide to help you find the dream piece that is sure to leave any future bride breathless.

Where Did the Halo Style Engagement Rings Come from?


Showing up from somewhere around the late 1700’s, the first halo style rings originally featured pearl accent stones and were much larger than the pieces we know today. An extremely popular fine jewelry option, it wasn’t until around the 1800’s that halo style rings began to resemble today’s halo engagement rings, and were commonly found featuring large center sapphires, rubies, opals, and glittering diamonds.

Modern Times

Falling briefly out of style in the 1930’s for economic reasons, halo diamond engagement rings saw a resurgence in the 1940’s and became the apex of bridal fashion, often seen adorning the hands of some of Hollywood’s most fashionable young starlets. Around forty years later, halo style engagement rings saw a similar resurgence with the popularity of Princess Diana’s unique halo style sapphire ring, one which was later repurposed when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton.

Halo Rings Today

Today, due to the extreme popularity of halo engagement rings among contemporary fashionistas, A-List celebrities, and ordinary people alike, contemporary jewelry designers like Gabriel NY, Simon G., Hearts on Fire, and more have been creating some of the most brilliant and beautiful halo engagement rings imaginable.

Also, thanks to the efforts of fine jewelry retailers such as Corinne Jewelers to offer nothing but the best in bridal jewelry, it has never been easier than it is now to find the ideal halo ring of anyone’s dreams.

Advantages of a Halo Engagement Rings:

In addition to their legendary brightness, brilliance, and diamond sparkle, there are there are a number of other amazing reasons why you should choose a halo style engagement ring.

Here's just a few!

1.Halo rings take up more space on the wearer’s finger, that means that a halo engagement rings appear larger than other engagement ring types, making sure that you’ll a big looking and bright rings, without breaking the bank.

2.Today’s halo style engagement rings are able feature nearly any diamond shape, and can easily be found featuring princess cut, emerald cut, round cut, asscher cut, and many other diamond stone shapes.

To help find the center diamond stone to perfectly complement any halo style ring, in their Toms River, New Jersey, showroom, Corinne Jewelers offers a large selection of  GIA-certified loose diamonds of a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

3.Also, because of the close placement of a halo ring’s accent diamonds, halo rings are very resilient to everyday wear, ensuring that your halo engagement ring will remain beautiful and scratch-free for more than a lifetime.

How to find the Perfect Halo Style Engagement Ring:

To some, shopping for halo style engagement ring can seem like a close-to-impossible task. Luckily, Corinne Jewelers is here to help!

In their state-of-the-art Toms River showroom, the friendly staff at Corinne Jewelers is skilled at creating a stress-free jewelry-buying environment, and offers two easy steps for finding the perfect halo style diamond engagement ring.

Step #1: Do Your Research!

If you’re not sure what style of engagement ring your bride-to-be might want, check out Corinne Jewelers’ website at CorrineJewelers.com and explore their online collections. There you can get an idea of what sort of engagement ring settings, designers, and diamond shapes your future bride might like.

Tell your potential bride that you need some advice on what piece of jewelry to get for a friend family member. Ask her about what pieces she likes, and why she likes these pieces. Her answers are sure shed some light on what kind of diamond engagement ring she might be interested in.

If none of these schemes work, then trying asking one of her close friends or relatives to come with you to Corinne Jewelers to help!

Step #2: Come in to Corinne!

Once you have an idea of what sort of engagement ring your bride might like, the next step is to pay a visit to Corinne Jewelers!

At Corinne Jewelers, their staff of specially-trained bridal experts are always happy to answer any questions you might have, and are able to help customers with budgets of all sizes.

While it might seem easier to order a halo engagement ring from an online-only retailers, these companies lack any sort of the personal connection with their customers that Corinne Jewelers so expertly provides. Additionally, with an online-only retailer there is no way to truly know that the ring you ordered is really the ring that you’re getting.

Popular Designer Halo Engagement Rings Available Today at Corinne Jewelers

With one of the largest inventories of fine jewelry, bridal jewelry, and timepieces in the New Jersey area, Corinne Jewelers is proud to be an authorized retailer of an unbeatable selection of halo engagement rings from some of today’s designers including:

Hearts on Fire

Made of the “ World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds,” the Hearts on Fire halo engagement rings available today at Corinne Jewelers are great for brides-to-be who love nothing more than the glitz, glamour, and shine of bright white diamonds.

Gabriel NY

Understanding that jewelry “is integral in creating and celebrating the unforgettable moments in our lives,” the New York-based designers of Gabriel NY are skilled at creating halo style engagement rings of an unsurpassable level of elegance and style. Comprising their Contemporary and Victorian ring collections are halo style rings which feature beautiful pave-set sidestones, as well as round, square, and emerald shaped haloes.

Simon G.

With an affinity for diamonds, the halo engagement rings of Simon G. are ideal for any bride-to-be who radiates a sense of effortless class, style, and understated complexity everywhere they go. Customers to Corinne Jewelers can rest assured that nobody can resist the shine of any of the halo style engagement rings from Simon G.’s Passion, Caviar, Vintage Explorer, or Nocturnal Sophistication collections.

Other Popular Halo Engagement Ring Designers Available at Corinne Jewelers!

Further, as well as these legendary engagement ring designers, the staff at Corinne Jewelers is proud to offer halo style rings from other bridal jewelry designers including selections from Fana, as well as the rings of Corinne Jewelers’ very own Corinne Jewelers engagement ring collection.

Visit Corinne Jewelers More Halo Style Engagement Rings Today!

These are only a few of the great collections available today in Corinne Jewelers’ palatial Toms River, New Jersey, showroom! With over 50 years of experience, Corinne Jewelers is Monmouth and Ocean County’s source for not just halo engagement rings, but also for a wide selection of beautiful wedding bands, Swiss-quality timepieces, and an array of fine fashion jewelry items. Additionally, to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction in all purchases, Corinne Jewelers happily extends full-service jewelry repair, Swiss watch repair, and on-site custom jewelry design services.

For more information on the products, prices, and services available today at Corinne Jewelers, please visit their website, call (732)-244-4664, or stop into their Toms River, New Jersey, location today!

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