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Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing by Using These Simple Techniques

Reinvigorate your collection of fine jewelry to shine as bright as the first day you bought it.

Keep Your Jewelry From Tarnishing by Using These Simple Techniques

It’s no secret that adding a statement piece of jewelry has the ability to completely transform the look of any outfit, but what do you do when your go-to necklace starts to change from its original color? Oftentimes, it’s natural for your jewelry to appear slightly dull as time goes on, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented.

The process of metals dulling over time is known as tarnishing and it’s likely we’ve all experienced this phenomenon at some point in our lives. More importantly, what are the steps you can take to help prevent your favorite pieces of jewelry from losing their shine?

Why Does Jewelry Tarnish?

Whether it’s a sterling silver necklace or a gold-filled ring, all of your jewelry has the capability to tarnish over time. When exposed to air, most metals begin to undergo an oxidation process as the ions from the oxygen in the air attract the electrons in the metal.

Have you ever left a sterling silver necklace out and eventually it begins to take on a darker tone? That’s due to the metals within your jewelry reacting with the sulfur and moisture in the air. Even vermeil, 10-18k gold-plated, or gold-filled jewelry are not resistant to tarnishing. Over time, they’ll eventually show signs of wear, but they are likely to hold up better than more inexpensive jewelry pieces.

How quickly jewelry tarnishes depends on a number of factors -- the way you care for it, your skin composition, the air around you, and even the process/materials used to make it.

4 Simple Techniques to Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

Although you may not be able to control your skin or the air around you, you can control the way you take care of your jewelry. Here are four simple techniques to ensure your favorite pieces of jewelry give off a beautiful glow each time you wear it!

Keep Your Jewelry Dry

jewelry tarnishing

One of the fastest ways to tarnish your jewelry is to let it come in contact with any moisture or liquid. This includes putting on lotions, washing your hands, a spritz of perfume, or sweating with your jewelry on.

Even the oils in your skin can wear down the plating over time, but again, this solely comes down to each person’s skin composition. If you happen to get your jewelry wet by accident, just simply wipe it dry and the color of your jewelry will not be affected.

Store Your Jewelry Properly

Since exposure to the simplest of elements like moisture in the air has the potential to damage your jewelry, it’s important to establish a secure place to store your favorite pieces. Most professional jewelers supply a box or small bag which you can use on a daily basis to place your jewelry in whenever you’re not wearing it.

Placing your jewelry in a Ziploc bag is an easy way to dispel as much air as possible before sealing it. This will ensure toxins in the air aren’t oxidizing with the metal and your jewelry will keep its shining appearance for many years to come.

Another technique is to invest in anti-tarnish strips or papers that can keep your jewelry looking fresh for up to two years as long as it’s properly stored in a sealed bag or within your jewelry box. Anti-tarnish strips are extremely absorbent tabs that will essentially absorb all of the toxins in the surrounding air that cause your jewelry to tarnish over time.

Wipe Down Your Jewelry Regularly

Cleaning your jewelry is something people often overlook and don’t understand the importance of doing on a regular basis. At the end of every day, you should give each piece of jewelry you’ve worn a quick wipe down by using a polishing cloth or any other jewelry cleaning method.

This will help remove anything that has settled on the surface of your jewelry while it was out of its closed storage and delay the tarnishing process even further. Not only will this help preserve the luster of your jewelry, but it will also sanitize your jewelry before storing it. It's a win, win!

Let Your Jewelry Take a Break

keep jewelry from tarnishing

Comparable to most objects -- the more you wear it, the more worn down it becomes. A similar standard applies when it comes to preventing your jewelry from tarnishing. If you’re constantly wearing the same pieces each day without taking them off, they’re bound to tarnish a lot faster than pieces you wear on an occasional basis.

That’s why it’s important to give your favorite necklace or bracelet a break from daily use and keep it stored away for a little while. It doesn’t have to be tucked away for months at a time, but sealing your jewelry in a secure bag for a couple of hours could be the care it needs to prevent the tarnishing process.

At the end of the day, no matter what kind of jewelry you own, everything is prone to tarnish over time. If this is something you’re particularly looking to avoid, choose pieces made from quality material like karat gold, rhodium, and vermeil. You can also opt for gold-filled instead of gold-plated to increase durability and shine.

Investing in fine jewelry and taking steps to care for your pieces properly will keep your jewelry collection shining brighter than ever. Try incorporating some of these techniques into your daily routine and observe how the quality of your jewelry upholds over time.

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