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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: The Top Bridal Jewelry Trend Today

The pear shaped engagement ring has taken the world by storm! Why is this style so popular? Keep reading to learn more, and if it™s the right choice for you.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: The Top Bridal Jewelry Trend Today

Diamonds can take on a wide variety of shapes. From the classic round cut to the more exotic marquise shaped diamond, there are a plethora of diamond options out there to choose from for your engagement ring.

However, the most popular choice amongst to-be-newlyweds is the pear shaped diamond. Exquisite, dazzling, and exceptionally brilliant, pear shaped engagement rings can blow your partner away come proposal day.

What is a Pear Shaped Diamond?

There are few diamonds quite like the pear shaped cut. The pear shaped diamond is a stunning mix of the unique marquise diamond and the traditional round cut diamond. Pear cut diamonds look just as their name implies; they take on the shape of a pear.

Round on one end and pointed at the other, the pear diamond can be cut in a slim or wide variety. When a pear shaped engagement ring is worn, the pointed end aims towards the palm of the wearer. Symmetry is incredibly important with pear shaped diamond rings, as any flaw in alignment can result in a less than favorable piece.

Traditionally pear shaped diamonds are placed into a pronged setting; however, they can look fabulous in a halo setting as well. The brilliance and beauty of these diamonds are rarely paralleled, which makes sense, considering many couples are choosing the pear shaped diamond as the centerpiece in their engagement ring.

The Versatility of the Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Many designers have recognized the beauty of the pear shaped diamond and have added plenty of pieces into their various collections; however, none have been as much of a success as pear shaped engagement rings. These pear shaped engagement rings stand out from the pack, as they break the traditional style and trade modesty for a bold flair.

Designers have used the pear shaped diamond in creative ways, supporting the diamond with uniquely modern styles that aren™t typically found accompanying classic diamond cuts. Simon G is an excellent example of a designer taking chances to create something remarkable.

Pear shaped engagement rings at Corinne Jewelers

In Simon G's Passion Engagement Ring collection, they pair imaginative band designs with the dazzling vibrancy of the pear shaped engagement ring. From a white gold multi-band engagement ring to multi-stone halo set wonders, Simon G has no fear in trying something completely different.

Pear shaped engagement rings at Corinne Jewelers

If you're looking for a more traditional engagement ring, the designs from Fana might be more your speed. Fana's Classic Engagement Ring collection will stun even pear shaped diamond critics as they put the pear shaped diamond in center focus, only accenting the stone with supporting round-cut diamonds.

Fana™s Classic Engagement Ring collection is perfect for anyone looking for an engagement ring that walks the fine line between modern and classic seamlessly.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings at Corinne Jewelers

When it comes to pear shaped diamonds, our staff at Corinne Jewelers are passionate enthusiasts.

In our Toms River, New Jersey showroom we have a wide selection of pear shaped engagement rings from some of the world™s top designers. We also have an array of wedding bands, timepieces, custom jewelry, fashion jewelry and GIA-certified loose diamonds for you to choose from. Since 1964, we have provided the nearby towns of Manchester, Jackson, Lakewood, Bayville, Beachwood, and the greater New Jersey area with some of the best in luxury-grade jewelry, as well as professional jewelry services.

For more information on products, fundraising possibilities, or jewelry repair and cleaning services, please give us a call at (732)244-4664 or visit our website at Corinnejewelers.com.

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