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Spotted at the Met Gala 2018: 3 Hot Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye on

Every May, the high fashion outfits at the Met Gala bring about a wave of trends that affect the fashion industry for the rest of the year. This year, 3 jewelry trends in particular stood out from the rest. Keep reading to learn more about them and how to add them into your own outfits.

Spotted at the Met Gala 2018: 3 Hot Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye on

Few events influence jewelry trends quite as much as the Met Gala. Home to some of the industry’s best fashion designers and playing host to dozens of celebrities, the Met Gala is the one event where jewelry designs are pushed to their exotic limits.

Sometimes these styles fall flat on their face; however, some catch on and inspire jewelry trends for the rest of the year. This year’s Met Gala is no different.

To help you stay in touch with what’s hot in the fashion jewelry world, we’ve put together some of the top jewelry styles spotted at the Gala this year.

Bigger Is, In Fact, Better

In the past, big jeweled accessories may have seemed too gaudy for modern fashion followers. However, this year’s Met Gala certainly shows that times are changing. From Zoe Kravitz’ oversized amethyst drop earrings to Gisele Bundchen’s dazzling palm-sized earring set, the Met Gala was filled with large glimmering accessories that are bound to catch on.

In some ways, the large fashion jewelry piece is already in growing trend, as trendsetters reclaim what may have been previously referred to as dated and tragically vintage.

Finding a Met Gala piece to add to your collection can seem a little unrealistic. Fortunately, you can find similar oversized earring pieces from KC Designs’ Diamond Fashion collection. Many pieces in this collection match the growing trend towards size and live up to a level of beauty and elegance worthy of even the Met Gala.

Layering Your Jewelry Collection

Not all jewelry choices at the Met Gala are perfect. Take, for instance, Jared Leto’s all Gucci outfit, complete with golden crown and ornate sash. While certainly unique, it’s hard to imagine Jared Leto’s look to catch on as a trend this year.

That said, other looks like Miley Cyrus’ layered style was practical and charmingly bohemian. Easy to attain and allowing for a kind of style freedom, the layered style is expected to be hot this year.

Stacked necklaces at Corinne Jewelers

Layering necklaces and bracelet pieces is easy for those who have large jewelry collections but don’t want to pick just one piece to wear out. What you layer can all depend on personal choice, however, simple chains like those found in Elle’s Majestic collection meet the trend best.

The Power of Color

Gemstones have made a comeback in recent years, and these colored stones’ rise is evident in some of the Met Gala jewelry styles. Returning to Zoe Kravitz, her large gemstone earrings were a glamorous site on the Gala red carpet. Poppy Delavigne’s emerald stone earrings, ring, and brooch were also a showstopper as they added a flare of color to what could have been a drab and standard event.

Gemstones are bound to turn up everywhere this year in fashion jewelry, and even in bridal pieces. The gemstone style offers a diversity of choice, as there are many stones to choose from like sapphires, rubies, amethyst, and opals.

If you’re looking for a gemstone piece of your own, Simon G’s Passion collection might be a perfect choice for you. Using large colorful stones, the Passion collection is hard to ignore, and even harder not to admire.

Met Gala Styles at Corinne Jewelers

With a little help from our passionate staff at Corinne Jewelers, you can add some Met Gala-inspired styles to your jewelry collection.

Our showroom is based in Toms River, New Jersey, and boasts a wide selection of fine fashion jewelry as well as stunning designer bridal pieces, timepieces, and GIA-certified loose diamonds. Since 1964, Corinne Jewelers has provided the cities of Manchester, Jackson, Lakewood, Bayville, Beachwood, and the greater New Jersey area with high-grade jewelry items and professional jewelry services. Some of the services we offer include jewelry repair and cleaning.

To learn more about our products and services please give our Toms River showroom a call at (732) 244-4664 or visit our website at Corinnejewelers.com.

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