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The Secret Behind the Bow Tie Effect in Fancy Cut Diamonds

The bow tie effect, if you’ve ever seen a fancy cut diamond, then you may have seen it before. It is one of the most critical characteristics of a diamond and can make all the difference in the value of your diamond jewelry. Read on to learn more!

The Secret Behind the Bow Tie Effect in Fancy Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are often viewed as immaculate pieces of stone-work that reflect all the light that passes through them. Contrary to popular belief, not all diamonds reflect all the light that passes through them. Introducing: the bow tie effect.

Usually found in fancy cut diamonds, the bow tie effect is the appearance of a prominent dark shape in the center of a diamond that often looks like a bow of ribbon. These dark patches in a diamond aren’t always a bad thing; being able to identify the difference between a proper bow tie and a poor bow tie can make all the difference in the value of your jewelry.

Defining the Bow Tie Effect

As mentioned earlier, the bow tie effect occurs in fancy cut diamonds, including oval, marquise, and pear shaped diamonds. For some the bow tie effect is seen as a bad thing; however, in actuality, there is more nuance to this phenomenon.

The bow tie effect is caused by the blockage of light, which isn’t always a flaw of the diamond, but rather the way one views the diamond. The dark patch, or bow tie, is the light that doesn’t reach the eye, which in turn creates dark patches that appear in the stone.

Diamond cutters can minimize the size of a diamond's bow tie; however, it is difficult to eliminate it completely, and will often interfere with the look and shape of the overall diamond. As a result, the bow tie effect shouldn’t be written off right away as a bad thing.

Bow Tie Effect

The Bow Tie Effect and the Value of a Diamond

There is no universal standard by which to value a diamond with the bow-tie effect. While a diamond with less of a bow tie effect will more than likely have an increased value, a diamond that is affected by this play of light and shadow can be just as valuable.

In truth, the value of a bow-tie effected diamond all depends on your own taste, and how you decide to set it. In some cases, the bow-tie effect is used creatively to add to the piece rather than draw away from it.

That said, you should avoid a diamond with a dramatic bow-tie effect, as said diamond will struggle to reflect as much light, and as a result be worth far less.

How to Avoid the Bow Tie Effect

The bow-tie effect is a complicated issue for diamond jewelry buyers. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a wedding band, the bow tie effect can make or break an entire piece.

The best way to avoid a bad bow-tie effect is to visit a jeweler and see the diamond for yourself. Far too often, jewelry buyers rely on online retailers, and end up receiving diamonds with a dramatic and hindering bow-tie effect.

When you visit a jeweler in person and see a diamond for yourself, you can see first-person how the light interacts with the stone, and whether or not the bow-tie effect hurts the piece’s value.

See for Yourself at Corinne Jewelers

Our staff at Corinne Jewelers can help you find a piece of diamond jewelry that uses the bow tie effect beautifully. Browse our wide selection of designer engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion jewelry, timepieces, custom jewelry, and GIA-certified loose diamonds from our state-of-the-art showroom in Toms River, New Jersey.

We have served the nearby towns of Manchester, Jackson, LakewoodBayville, and Beachwood since 1964 providing not just beautiful jewelry pieces, but professional jewelry services as well including jewelry repair and cleaning. To learn more about our products and services give us a call at (732)244-4664, or visit us at our Toms River showroom today.

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