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Understanding the 4 C’s of the Perfect Diamond

From the jewelry specialists at Corinne Jewelers, read about the all-important 4 c's of selecting the perfect diamond!

4 C's of Diamond

Founded in 1964, the friendly staff at Corinne Jewelers is committed to assisting their Toms River customers realize their fine jewelry dreams. As a part of this promise, Corinne Jewelers proudly carries one of the largest collections of certified loose diamonds on the entire East Coast.

Fully aware that the world of diamonds can be a vast and intimidating world, the specially trained diamond experts at Corrinne Jewelers have put together this simple guide to help their wonderful customers understand the basis of all diamonds buying, the 4 C’s.

Meaning, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, the 4 C’s are vital to keep in mind when searching for the perfect diamond for all engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fashion jewelry items.

1. Cut:

The ultimate factor for determining a diamond’s ultimate brilliance and sparkle, cut refers to the actual shape of the diamond stone itself. Available in a variety of shapes, all diamond cuts have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the wearer’s fashions and preferences.

Popular Diamond Cuts Include:

  • Round Brilliant: The most popular diamond shape today, round cut diamonds features a circle shaped top and a cone-like design, which allows for a stone of maximum brightness and sparkle.
  • Princess: Second only in popularity to round stones, princess cut diamonds are square in shape and feature skillfully-shaped corners. Princess stones are renowned for their simple beauty, as well as their extreme versatility.
  • Asscher: Shaped similarly to emerald cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds are incredibly brilliant, due to their large step-facets and high diamond crowns.
  • Pear, Heart, Oval, and Emerald Cuts: Modified brilliant-cuts, these diamond cuts are shaped just like they sound like they might. These diamonds are perfect for individuals who are looking for something a bit more unique than your standard round brilliant fare.
  • 4 c's of diamond                                               (From left to right: Round cut, Princess cut, and Asscher cut center diamonds)

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the cut of a diamond is placed on a scale ranging from Excellent to Very Good to Good to Fair to Poor. More than just an arbitrary rank, higher graded diamonds are often rarer and more expensive then lower graded stones.

2. Color:

Referring to how colorless a diamond is, diamond color is graded on a scale that ranges from D: Absolutely Colorless to Z: Noticeably Colored.

The standards for diamond color is generally as follows:

D: Absolutely Colorless. D graded stones are rare and feature no visible colorations of any sort.

E-F: Colorless. These diamonds may include microscopic traces of color, but will appear essentially clear to the naked eye.

G-M: Near Colorless. Featuring noticeable traces of color, G-M graded diamonds are still perfectly suitable, and make beautiful adornments for yellow gold and rose gold rings.

N-Z: Light Color. Containing obvious yellow or brown coloring, the diamonds cannot be considered white diamonds.

As New Jersey’s “Diamond Source,” Corinne Jewelers is proudly offers an array of nearly colorless diamonds, all of color grad M or higher.

4 c's of diamond

3. Clarity:

Rating the number of imperfections (also known as inclusions) that naturally occur in most diamonds, diamonds with higher clarity grades are often expensive than more “less clear” stones.

Clarity is graded on the following scale:

FL: Flawless. Without any internal or external imperfections

IF: Internally Flawless. Without any internal flaws.

VS: Very Slightly Included. Features flaws that can only be seen under extreme magnification.

SI: Slightly Included. Stone’s flaws are noticeable with slight magnification.

I: Included. Obvious and apparent imperfections.

While shopping for diamonds it is important to remember that internal diamond flaws tend to be microscopic and are easily covered by a ring’s stone setting.

4. Carat Weight:

Finally, carat weight refers to the physical weight of the diamond stone itself. Generally, the larger a diamond’s weight the higher the stones price, but diamond-seekers should still pay close attention the cut, color, and clarity of a diamond, as a carat weight does not guarantee greater quality.

4 c's of diamond

Browse Corinne Jewelers’ Vast Selection of GIA-Certified Loose Diamonds Today!

Located in Toms River, New Jersey, Corinne Jewelers is the premiere source for an amazing variety of loose diamonds of a variety of cuts, colors, clarities, and carat weights. In their state-of-the-art showroom, customers are sure to greeted by Corinne’s team of diamond experts. Specially trained in the 4 C’s, this team is happy to help with any questions or concerns, and is dedicated to helping you find the perfect diamond for any fine jewelry situation.

For more information, or to make an appointment with one of the diamond professionals at Corinne Jewelers, visit their diamond website at CorinneJewelers.com/diamonds, call 732.244.4664, or stop into their Toms River showroom today!

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