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Why Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Read today and learn why you should choose to design a custom engagement ring with the jewelry making professionals at Corinne Jewelers!

As anyone who has looked for an engagement ring can tell you, there is no shortage of beautiful rings available at any fine jewelry retailer. For example, available today at Corinne Jewelers in Toms River, New Jersey, is a plethora of diamond engagement rings by some of today’s most accomplished bridal jewelry designers like Gabriel New York, Hearts on Fire, Simon G, and others that are sure to satisfy nearly any bride.

While every one of the engagement rings from these designers is every bit as beautiful as the next, maybe you have a more specific engagement ring design in mind. Luckily, it has become more and more common these days for ring-seekers like you to work with expert jewelry makers, such as those at Corinne Jewelers, to design and create a custom diamond engagement ring.

To help you decide whether or not to choose a custom designed engagement ring, here is a guide to the reasons and considerations associated with a self-designed piece of bridal jewelry.

Three Reasons to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Every day at Corinne Jewelers we hear tons of reasons why our customers have chosen to work with our team of on-site custom design experts. While everyone has their own reasons, here is a list of the three that we hear the most often:

Reason #1: Involvement

One reason we hear all the time is that clients love the level of involvement that they’re allowed in the custom design process. From the preliminary sketching to the final ring casting, you will be allowed a front-row seat to the ring making process, and will be deeply involved in the making of each and every decision.

Not only does this level of ensure a high level of quality, it also helps make your ring all the more personal and intimate in ways that pre-made rings just can’t.

Reason #2: Personality

Another popular reason for custom design is that it is a great way to infuse any bride’s dream engagement rings with a unique and personal touch. More than just assisting with the drafting of a custom engagement ring, custom design and custom engraving allow you the chance to create a ring that your bride-to-be’s personality in a way that only you can know.

Reason #3: Family History

Another great reason to choose a custom engagement ring is heirloom or vintage jewelry. For example, if you or your bride-to-be has inherited an engagement ring or other piece of antique jewelry, the jewelry makers at Corinne Jewelers are able to use these rings in the creation of a brand new piece.

Updating and altering vintage jewelry pieces is a wonderful way to create a beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring and honor the past while starting your new chapter of marital love, bliss, and togetherness.

halo custom engagement rings at Corinne Jewelers

What to Consider When Designing an Engagement Ring

No matter what reason you have for choosing to build a custom engagement ring, the friendly and helpful staff at Corinne Jewelers is here to help! In their state-of-the-art Toms River showroom and studio their expert jewelry makers make it easy for you to create the perfect engagement ring.

And to make this process even easier, here is an explanation of a few of the major considerations you have to make when developing your custom engagement ring design:

Consideration #1: Engagement Ring Style

The most basic attribute that you’ll have to consider is the overall style of your ring. While all engagement rings are truly beautiful, every ring type brings a style, feel, and aesthetic all their own. If you’re not sure what sort of engagement rings your beloved might like, take a look at the jewelry she wears now, get a friend to ask her, or even bring her into Corinne’s and let one of the bridal jewelry experts assist you in determining which she’d enjoy the most.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles:

  • Halo Style: An extremely popular engagement ring style, halo rings feature a center diamond that is surrounded by a circle of brilliant small diamonds.
  • Solitaire Setting: Solitaire engagement rings are built to feature only one center diamond, and are renowned for their understated elegance and effortless sophistication.
  • Three Stone Style: Built with not one but three center diamonds, three stone rings are perfect for brides who are obsessed with everything vintage and sparkly.
  • Sidestone Style: Available for any style, sidestone rings are built to display diamonds that are set into band of the ring itself.

Additionally, the experts at Corinne Jewelers are able to combine these styles with each other to create a ring that is truly unique.

Custom solitaire engagement rings from Corinne Jewelers

Consideration #2: Center Diamond Shape

After ring style, the next most pivotal consideration for any engagement ring is what center stone shape will act as the piece’s focal point. At retailers like Corinne Jewelers, you will be able to choose from a seemingly-endless selection of loose diamonds and precious stones, all of which offer their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your bride’s style.

Popular Diamond Shapes:

  • Princess Cut: One of the most often requested diamond shapes, princess cut diamonds are revered for their classic pyramid-like shape, their versatility, and unique diamond shine.
  • Round Cut: Unmatched in sparkle, fire, and adaptability, the round cut diamond is the world’s most popular stone shape.
  • Pear Cut: Resembling a water droplet, pear shape center diamonds are a fabulous choice for those brides who love vintage and vintage-inspired fashions.
  • Asscher Cut: With subtle cropped corners, a high diamond table, as well as a regal emerald-like shape, asscher cut diamonds offer a level of sophistication untouched by other stone shapes.
  • Cushion Cut: Also known as a “pillow-cut” diamond, cushion shaped diamonds feature sleek lines, streamlined edges, and skillfully-crafted facets, that come together to stunningly emphasize the diamond’s natural shine.
  • Heart Cut: Eternally romantic, heart cut diamonds are a wonderful center stone choice and are look just like the name suggests, heart-shaped!

Consideration #3: Precious Metal

Last, but certainly not least, another important choice you have to make when designing a custom engagement ring is what precious metal (or metals) you would like the piece to be built with.

Traditionally engagement rings have been made out of high-quality yellow gold, and while yellow gold is still the standard, today engagement rings are made with white gold, rose gold, as well platinum, titanium, tungsten, and other precious metals.

Visit Corinne Jewelers Today!

If custom engagement ring design sounds like the right thing for you, then come on into Corinne Jewelers today for more information or to make a design appointment.

Located in Toms River, New Jersey, the staff at Corinne Jewelers is more than pleased to assist their Ocean and Monmouth County area customers with finding (or creating) the diamond adorned engagement ring of their dreams.

For more information, or to learn more about the fine jewelry services available today at Corinne Jewelers including, custom design, as well as jewelry repair and cleaning services, call (800)-976-9216, visit Corinne Jeweler’s Custom Design page, or stop into their Toms River showroom today!

Corinne Jewelers located in Toms River, New York

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