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The Girlfriend’s Guide To Gifting

With one of my close girlfriends’ birthday around the corner it got me thinking… what do we even get each other anymore?!

Well, HELLO! Jewelry is always a good idea!

When it comes to buying gifts for friends, I generally try to stay within the $30 to $100 range. Keeping that in mind, I’ve pulled together a few jewelry gift recommendations. Not only will these put a smile on her face, but they might even get you ‘friend of the year’ award.


I’ve been lucky enough to maintain a close group of high school girlfriends (thanks to group text messaging)! Even though we went to different colleges and are now settled across the entire U.S., we all still have one thing in common. We’re Jersey Shore Girls!

If you too have a home girl that deserves something special, consider these gifts …

Take this bar necklace to the next level by engraving the latitude and longitude of your hometown. Even though she’s far, this piece will allow her to keep home close to her heart.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.55.11 PM

These classic hoop earrings are great for everyday. The rose gold twist adds the perfect amount of personality and will keep your friend, on trend.


Featured: 14k rose gold hoops, starting at $70.


When I went to college in Virginia I thought that I would be so unique as a Jersey Girl. Wrong. It didn’t take me long to realize that nearly half of the other girls at James Madison University were also from New Jersey, doh! In the end this worked out in my favor as some of the ‘other’ Jersey Girls and I joined the same sorority and from that moment on, we were besties for life.

After school most of my friends moved off to NYC to be wild and free. Living in the city, they know what’s up, but I still like to surprise them with fun bling from time to time. Here are my picks for them …

These Frieda Rothman climber earrings have “cool girl” written all over them. At the same time, they’re inexpensive enough that losing one on the dance floor wouldn’t be the end of the world (you know, if things get crazy).


Featured: Freida Rothman marquise climbers earrings. Retail, $95

I also love this Officina Bernardi and Paris bracelet combo. Talk about arm candy!

Featured: Officina Bernardi bracelets, starting at $25. Paris bracelets, starting at $29.


Whoever coined the phrase “The Struggle Is Real” was definitely talking about parenthood. Becoming a mother is one of the most humbling experiences a woman can go through. I’ll spare you the labor and delivery details, but seriously whether it’s swim class or preschool drop-off I have met some incredibly understanding women.  These are my ideas for the mama that never judges:

Is it cliche to get her a disc with her kid’s initial on it? No, we love the look and she’ll love the sentiment!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.56.00 PM

We also love this ring from Ti Sento. It’s simple enough to wear everyday, but has an intricate design that is sure to snag her a ton of compliments. She can wear this alone or stack it up.


Featured: Ti Sento rhodium plated silver ring. Retail price, $109.


If your bestie is celebrating a big birthday or another life milestone, it’s always nice to go the extra mile. Rather than spending a ton of money on your own, grab a couple of your girlies and pitch in on one larger gift. She’ll love receiving something from all of you! Here are some ideas …

Every girl loves a Michele watch! Their Cape Collection has a bunch of wonderful colors to choose from and the price point is just right.


Featured: Michele Berry Cape with rose topaz dial. Retail price, $345.

Another way to knock off her socks, diamond stud earrings! Starting at only $235, your girl group can easily commit to this look that she’ll appreciate for many years to come.


There’s nothing better than shopping for your bestie! If you have any questions on these gift ideas don’t hesitate to stop by Corinne Jewelers. There’s nothing I love better than helping people pick out new bling!