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Designer Spotlight: Anna Maria Cammilli

Let me tell you about our new line, Anna Maria Cammilli…

Based out of Florence, Italy, Anna Maria Cammilli has a limited presence in the United States. Corinne Jewelers is proud to be one of only nine retailers to carry her line in North America! Our obsession with Anna Maria Cammilli began at a trade show. We could not stop drooling over her beautifully soft designs and knew that our customers would love them too. Come Christmas it was no surprise when we sold out of all of her pieces.

As an Italian artist, painter and sculptor Anna Maria Cammilli is quite a talented woman.  All of her jewelry pieces emerge from a hand-sculpted wax mold inspired by nature.  Much like the diversity of nature, Anna Maria Cammilli uses six different colors of gold and through the use of both shiny and matte gold finishes, Anna Maria Cammilli is able to achieve true elegance!

Don’t just take my word for it; check out these stunning pieces for yourself! Her line breaks down into four unique collections:


The Essential Collection

This beautiful collection draws inspiration from the movements of sand. You may be most familiar with Anna Maria Cammilli’s Dune Collection, shown above.


The Vision Collection

Think dew drops and waves, this collection is therapeutic and perfect for the calm and mindful.


The Flowers Collection

From tulips to calla lilies this collection is my personal favorite. According to Anna Maria Cammilli flowers are “a sign of beauty and a symbol of grace”. These pieces definitely reflect that sentiment.


The Colored Stone Collection

In this collection Anna Maria Cammilli combines colored stones for each season with stunning artistry. With so many choices it’s hard to choose a favorite here, but the moonstone is perfect for the sunny days that lie ahead.

If you are just as intrigued by Anna Maria Cammilli’s designs as we are, please stop in Corinne Jewelers to see their beauty in person. We are more than happy to show off these amazing pieces any day of the week!