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Family Of Five

NoahOh heyyy, me again!

A lot has happened since my last post and it’s hard to believe, but our newest addition is eleven weeks already. He’s also extremely handsome if I might add! So I know you must be wondering, ‘how’s it goin’ girl?’

Honestly, not too bad!

Yeah, there’s a whole lot more juggling with three little ones, and going anywhere is kind of a production. That said, we’ve realized that adding baby number three has been much easier than was adding baby number two.

There are some perks to having three babies in less than four years, believe it or not. One of them being that other than diapers and wipes, I haven’t needed to purchase anything new. Another bonus is that my two daughters are the perfect playmates for each other while I am busy with the baby boy! I distinctly remember anxiously trying to rock my second daughter to sleep so I could ‘pay attention’ to my older daughter. This time around Mommy isn’t needed for Barbie dialogue so I’m able to enjoy my newborn, just like I had when our first-born arrived.

People always ask if I feel differently about my son than I did my daughters … the answer is yes. I love all three of my babies equally, and yet so differently at the same time. With more experience, I feel like I am appreciating this young stage of life more than ever. I know how short this amazing phase is and because he is my last baby, I am really doting on him. If you met him, you would too!

I’m forever grateful for a third baby that’s both healthy and happy. We are so lucky. If the last couple of months are any indicator, I know that as he grows our adjustment to a family of five will be smooth, rewarding, and fun.

So, yes, another man has stolen my heart … his name, Noah.

Photo Credit: Jac & Jules Photography