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Why We Love Simon G

Recently we had the honor of hosting Simon G at Corinne Jewelers for the SIMON G SUMMER SOIREE. It was like a dream come true! Many call Simon G the ‘jeweler to the stars’, bet let’s get it straight … the real star is Simon G himself.

This sweet and amazingly talented man traveled to America with only $200 to his name. After years of hard work and determination, now his jewelry is recognizable around the globe. The stunning details. The fine craftsmanship. Take just one look at any of his pieces and you’ll realize how he’s come so far.


At Corinne Jewelers, we have always carried the Simon G Bridal Collection, but recently we decided to expand on our selection to offer our customers more of these magnificent pieces.

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that you’ll ever wear. It should represent your unique love story, reflect your style, and be EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of. This is where Simon G excels. Not only because of his expert jewelry making skills, but because he listens to his customers and transforms their ideas into reality.


Every Simon G engagement ring mounting is completely customizable, something both women and men appreciate. Take for example this gorgeous mounting, designed for a round center stone. One of our customers fell in love with this piece, and wanted to use her own pear-shaped center stone instead.  Simon was able to go back and customize the dimensions to ensure that she got her dream ring.


Simon G jewelry pieces are designed to emit beauty from all angles. The engraving and filigree work on each piece is done entirely by hand. This gives a sharper look and an heirloom feel since no two pieces are alike. And, then there are the diamonds! Not only does Simon G use high quality diamonds, but he also goes as far as polishing the hole for each diamond before it is even set. These are just small examples of Simon G’s attention to detail, his passion for jewelry as a work of art, and why we’re so in love with his products.

To check out our new, expanded line of Simon G Fashion and Bridal Jewelry stop by Corinne Jewelers in Toms River, NJ. The first time you set your eyes on these beautifully crafted, American-made pieces, you’ll fall in love. We sure did, and even after ten years of carrying this line the excitement has never worn off.